Five ways to increase potency

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Men, as you know, do not like to talk about their anxiety, especially – to admit their own fears. Toto be a protector and a winner, to emerge victorious from all kinds of troubles – those same masculine features that fascinated women a hundred and a thousand years ago. But it is impossible to be a hero forever, so today the strong sex has the same rights to fatigue and weakness.

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And yet, failure in any sphere of life – professional, love, sexual, according to psychologists, is still one of the main fears of a modern man. The offensive word “impotent” today no longer refers to the sphere of sexuality alone and has become almost synonymous with an even more offensive “loser”, sounding like a verdict …

But the fear of being a “weak” in bed, not justifying the hopes of his partner in the last decade has become less acute – after all, medicine has stepped far ahead, creating an entire industry of medicines for normal sex. Worse, if the cause of unexpected weakness is long-accumulated problems, such as chronic stress, prolonged alcohol abuse, taking a number of medications (for example, some antidepressants). Erectile dysfunction, which occurs due to a lack of male sex hormones, or – with changes in the hormonal background associated with diabetes, thyroid pathology, obesity …

However not many men can boast the nature of this particular sexual disorder. The rest will sooner or later have to admit that its in the head and nowhere else, that the nature of their impotence – is purely neurotic.

When men weakened, for example, by a flu, experiencing severe stress or having drunk a fair amount of the fever, try to force their body to “engage”, due to these circumstances, may refuse to follow the order, which is generally normal.

About simple rules through which we can avoid unpleasant surprises on the personal sexual front, we will tell. And what else, besides medicines and psychotherapy, does modern science offer in the fight against real or imaginary erectile dysfunction?

Check with your dentist!

Recently, Israeli scientists seriously suspected the existence of a relationship between ED and the state of the oral cavity. Having studied the health of 815 adult men, the researchers came to the unexpected conclusion: in the presence of inflammation of the root shell of the teeth and adjacent tissues that arose due to caries, men had ED, in 15.8% of cases – from moderate to severe. But with healthy teeth, dysfunction was observed only in 2.1% of cases. However, for more serious conclusions, as the scientists themselves admit, they will have to conduct a whole series of studies that will allow us to finally clarify the relationship between oral diseases and ED, as well as diabetes and coronary heart disease.

Vitamin D – not only from rickets

It turns out that the deficiency of “solar” vitamin D also has a mysterious connection with sexual problems – both in women and men.

In men with ED, scientists from the University of Milan showed a significant lack of blood in vitamin D. In severe and complete erectile dysfunction, vitamin D levels were the lowest.

This is also evidenced by the study of South Korean medics, who linked the problem of ED with the level of the main male hormone – testosterone. The lack of which in men over 40 was also accompanied by a low level of vitamin D.

By the way, you can replenish the stocks of vitamin D by regularly eating eg fatty fish (salmon), liver and caviar of fish, fish oil. Also it is a lot of in beef liver, egg yolks, fatty dairy products, such as cheese, butter, cream, sour cream. And even in mushrooms – such, for example, as chanterelles. However, it is not informed, what quantity of useful products it is necessary to eat in day to receive a daily norm of this magic vitamin. To accidentally excessive overeating is not another problem in the fight against ED …


Rules which should be followed by a man, if he ever had problems with erection, well, or there is a feeling that such troubles with him are generally possible:

1. Have sex only when you really want it, do not try to force yourself;

2. Remember that you are a person, not a machine, and your feelings and sexual reactions can not always be the same, so sometimes you need a lot of stimulation (your partner should also know about it);

3. If you ever had problems with erection, do not resort to casual connections, it will be much easier for you if you come together with a partner who loves you;

4. Do not fix on the condition of your penis, if you constantly think about it, instead of getting pleasure from mutual caresses with your partner, then problems with erection will arise even if they should not have been;

5. If you can not get an erection during intercourse or if you lose it, do not worry, tell yourself: apparently, today is not my day; and most importantly, talk to your partner – you are tired today and the fact that you did not have an erection, is not her fault;


Dr. Sallivan:

– Sexual function is not vital, but to preserve health is a very important thing. The ability of a person to live sexually is an indicator of his health – both physical and psychological. For example, people of age stop having sex. Why? They say to themselves: “We do not need this anymore, we are old for this.” Recent British studies have shown that people in 70 years retain normal sexual relations, whereas in our subculture sex with older people is not accepted. If they are not condemned, they are not encouraged in any way. It’s a pity. Psychological resistance to old age (expressed, in part, in the fact that a person continues to live a normal sexual life) leads to the prolongation of physical health, to slowing down the aging process of the organism.