The main types of drugs for erection

In today’s world, almost every fifth man has problems with erection. The same stresses, bad habits, nutrition, the rhythm of life are factors that may affect men’s health. The pharmaceutical industry produces a number of drugs, the action of which is aimed at restoring the erection. All of them have their own purposeful principle of action, which we will talk about.

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The essence of the problem is in order to understand when any violations require the taking of specific drugs. It is necessary to understand the causes of erectile dysfunction. Erection is a complex process, and before its occurrence in the body of a man, various actions occur.

The object of sexual arousal is perceived and analyzed by the cerebral cortex of the cerebral hemispheres. Then the impulses are sent to the spinal cord, after which the innervation is directed to the smooth muscle fibers of the blood vessels of the penis. As a result of their relaxation, the body of the penis is filled with blood, it increases in size and straightens.

The slightest violation in the chain of these actions can lead to erectile dysfunction. Principle of action of medicines for erection is to help get rid of the problem for a certain period of time and have the following properties:

  • stimulate the activity of the brain;
  • contribute to impulses along nerve fibers;
  • expand the lumen of the arteries, providing a flow of blood to the cavernous bodies;
  • normalize the hormonal background;
  • saturate the body with substances necessary for a complete metabolism.

The listed actions are combined, all at once does not possess any drug. Each has its own property and eliminates certain violations. Some medicines can be taken not only to restore the erection, but also to treat chronic diseases of the reproductive system in men.

Types of drugs taken with problems with erection

There are two types of drugs to stimulate male power:

  • pharmaceutical;
  • natural.

The active substances of pharmaceutical products are:

  • phosphodiesterase inhibitors (sildenafil citrate, tadalafil, vardenafil);
  • hormones;
  • alpha-blockers;
  • analogues of prostaglandins;
  • myotropic antispasmodics;
  • activators of potassium channels and others.

Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are medicines with active components of sildenafil, tadalafil and vardenafil. They can be taken one-time, just before the upcoming sexual intercourse. The drugs have almost the same duration of action and provide a good erection.

After taking the penis does not increase spontaneously, he needs stimulation, which is also the optimal quality of the drugs. When taking Levitra allowed to use a small dose of alcohol. Only the doctor should prescribe this remedy, since it is necessary to exclude the risks of side effects from the detection of chronic diseases and contraindications.

Specialist selects the dosage individually. Medicines of this group are effective in the presence of libido and sexual arousal. If these qualities are absent for a man – the drug will not bring the expected result. And the cost of such drugs is not as high as Viagra.

The hormonal group of drugs contains testosterone. Male sex hormone is prescribed after blood tests and with insufficient body capacity. Dosage and duration of admission is appointed by the urologist or endocrinologist. The course of admission is controlled by a doctor, since in the treatment with hormones it is important to stimulate the body to produce them independently, and not replace with synthetic analogs.

Alpha-adrenoblockers increase the lumen of the vessels of the penis, as a result of which it is better filled with blood at the stage of excitation. Fentolamine is available both in tablet form and in the form of solutions for injections. The agent must be injected directly into the cavernous bodies of the penis.

Analogs of prostaglandins include the drug Aprostadil. It is injected either into the urethra, or injectively into the cavities of the penis. The action of the drug is aimed at improving blood supply and blood filling of the penis, which is accompanied by an improvement in erection.

Intracavernous administration of the agent eliminates spasm of smooth muscles and improves blood circulation in the genital organ.