Choosing a right medication for ED

It is always recommended that doctor be consulted prior to selecting any erectile dysfunction drug. The selection of drug may also depend on the intended goal of the therapy. For a short-term effect, Viagra is useful, whereas for long-duration effects Cialis works great. If one of these drugs is needed on a long-term basis, Levitra is ideal because of its minimum side effects and strong effect of the active substance.

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Prior to starting any medication, it is necessary to establish an attempt to eliminate the causes of erectile dysfunction. It is important to try out special sets of exercises aimed at increasing potency. This should be accompanied by adherence to a healthy lifestyle (e.g., proper nutrition, rejection of bad habits, compliance with sleep patterns, etc.). The combination of these lifestyle methods of treatment should result is good effectiveness. However, if the treatment effect is still not achieved, it is ok to complement aforementioned methods with pharmacotherapy. This approach may also lead to a lower needed drug dosage. Over time, it is also possible these drugs will no longer be necessary.

Hormonal medicines

These drugs are based on testosterone and are prescribed by a doctor for patients who have an inadequate amount of sex hormones in the body. Drugs from this group can be commonly dispensed as gels, lubricants, tablets, and/or patches. Injections are also available.

Alternative drugs

These drugs are considered supplements and are not typically used in traditional medicine. However, these are popular among men because of advertised effects. Since the drugs from this group are related to alternative medicine, their effectiveness is not recognized as a traditional pharmacotherapy. This means that efficacy these medicines may largely be attributed to a placebo effect.