Erectile dysfunction treatment

Erectile dysfunction problems

Every man sees his sexual potency as a part of his health. That’s why the malfunction of “the best friend” or failure to perform sexually makes most men very worried and upset. But not all of them make an appointment with a doctor. There are many reasons and only one desperate question: “Why can’t I get a firm and lasting erection? What can I do?”

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Erectile dysfunction is a dysfunction of the male sexual organ. It’s the inability to get hard and maintain a firm and lasting erection for sexual penetration and intercourse. If you acknowledge that you have problems with erection, you make a first step to getting it solved. There are many explanations for erectile dysfunctions like too much fatigue, exhaustion, stress, sleep deprivation, insomnia, failures, and conflicts at work or home. All those factors can trigger erectile dysfunction. If you get rid of the negative factors, it can solve the problem and you can regain your normal erection.

Often erectile dysfunction is caused by psychological traumas, fears, and anxieties associated with sexual relations. Memories of unhappy childhood, habits of self-depreciation and self-doubt, emotional anxiety, inferiority complex, insults of any kind can affect male sexual health when he wants and need to perform.

When the erectile dysfunction is accompanied by itching, redness, groin pain, difficult and painful urination, signs of inflammation or any other unusual symptoms, it can be a sign that the erectile dysfunction is caused by a venereal disease. If you have any of the symptoms, you should immediately see a urologist. A doctor will run tests and will prescribe medicine to treat disease and to restore male health in general and erection in particular.

Hormonal disorder can also cause under-performance of penis. If you suspect it might be a reason, you should test your testosterone level. An endocrinologist will examine the results and will prescribe your substitution therapy on increase libido.

Vascular diseases and problems with blood circulation in the groin area can also be a medical explanation for the erectile dysfunction. In rare cases, there is an erection but it doesn’t last and can be at the most important moment. If you have diabetes, it definitely affects your blood circulation.

In all above cases, you should seek medical advice and help. You should see a doctor and get a prescription. Taking random medicine or miracle cure advertised by a famous actor on TV can make things worse. You need to go and get recommendations from the doctor. He will run tests, he will examine you, and he will identify a problem. After diagnosis, he will give you the prescription and you will go to the pharmacy.

In a case of erectile dysfunction, many men take Vardenafil which is the main active ingredient of Levitra. The drug increases blood flow to the penis and helps to achieve a firm erection. Vardenafil is very effective in solving the problem in a case of an insufficient or weak erection.

Levitra is a modern medicine. Actually, it is the most popular drug after Viagra and is far more affordable because it has a better price. Levitra restores male sexual potency and energy. It adds more color and adventure to sexual life. It helps men to have good sexual relationships.

Levitra has more advantages compared to other drugs:

  • It is fast acting, it starts working in 10 -30 min after taking a pill.
  • It has no side effect. Clinical studies have shown that Levitra is completely safe.
  • It is not habit-forming.
  • It can be taken with alcohol unlike most of other drugs.
  • It has high satisfaction rate. 8 out of 10 men were completely satisfied with the result.


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Levitra is a very interesting drug. On the one hand, it is unlike Viagra, and on the other hand, it is like it. Before Levitra used to take only Viagra – it is reliable and gives me the desired result. When on Viagra I can perform 3-4 times for about 3 hours. Unfortunately, Viagra gives me really unpleasant side effects: it distorts my color perception, I get dizzy). Recently, I decided to buy and try Levitra and I was impressed. I had a very good experience even though there was a short prelude. Levitra it works well and for a long time. I took it at 11 pm, and I was OK all night and even continued in the morning.