Erectile dysfunction treatment

Erectile dysfunction problems

Erectile dysfunction is a medical diagnosis of the male sexual organ. This condition involves the inability to achieve as well as maintain a hard, firm, and lasting erection associated with sexual intercourse. Accordingly, upon acknowledging there is a problem with achieving and/or maintaining an erection, an immediate instinct is to identify the cause and find a solution. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task as there can be several underlying reasons that can lead to erectile dysfunction. For example, exhaustion, stress, sleep deprivation, insomnia, and/or conflicts at work or home can all trigger the onset of erectile dysfunction. However, upon eliminating those and other negative influences, this may solve the problem of erectile dysfunction.

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Every man visualizes the level of sexual potency as a major representation of health. This is why dysfunction of “the best friend” or failure to perform sexually can make men worried and upset. Despite this distress, not all men make an appointment with a doctor. There are many reasons that may explain erectile dysfunction, but there is consistently one desperate question asked by men, “Why can’t I achieve a firm and lasting erection? What can I do?”

Erectile dysfunction is frequently caused by psychological trauma, fear, and anxiety associated with sexual interactions. Lasting memories of an unhappy childhood, habits of self-depreciation and self-doubt, emotional anxiety, inferiority complex, and insults of any kind can affect male sexual health, particular when wanted and needed to perform.

When erectile dysfunction is accompanied by itching, redness, groin pain, difficult and painful urination, signs of inflammation, or any other unusual symptoms, these can be signs erectile dysfunction is caused by a venereal disease. If any of these types of signs present along with erectile dysfunction, it is important to seek immediate medical attention from a urologist. A urologist will run tests and prescribe medicine to treat the underlying venereal disease in attempts to restore male health while also resolving the erectile dysfunction.

A hormonal disorder can also be a cause underlying penis under-performance. If a hormonal imbalance or disorder may be the reason causing erectile dysfunction, it is important to have testosterone levels checked. An endocrinologist is able to interpret results associated with these types of medical abnormalities and will be able to prescribe testosterone replacement therapy aimed at increasing libido.

Vascular disease and problems with blood circulation associated with the groin area may also contribute to erectile dysfunction. In rare instances, an erection may be achieved, but not last to the point where it is most needed. If diabetes is present, this can affect blood circulation.

In all of the aforementioned cases, it is important to seek help from medical professionals. A doctor may be able to provide a prescription for pharmacotherapy. In contrast, taking non-prescribed medications or seeking a miracle cure advertised by a famous actor on TV can make things worse. A doctor is able to run diagnostic tests, he/she can provide a thorough examination, and the exact problem may be identified. Thus, after making a diagnosis, a prescription may be written to be taken to the pharmacy.

In the instance where erectile dysfunction is diagnosed, many men have resorted to taking Vardenafil, which is the main active ingredient contained within Levitra. Taking this drug may lead to increased blood flow to the penis helping to achieve a firm erection. Vardenafil is very effective for solving the problem associated with an insufficient or weak erection.

Levitra is considered a part of modern medicine. Levitra restores male sexual potency and energy leading to more color and adventure to sexual life. Taking Levitra and solving erectile dysfunction can help men achieve strong sexual relationships. Although Levitra is the most popular drug secondary to Viagra, the advantage is that it is far more affordable.

Levitra is associated with more advantages compared with other drugs, for example:

  • Levitra is fast acting, starts to work within 10 -30 min after taking a pill.
  • There are no side effects. Clinical studies have shown that Levitra is completely safe.
  • Taking Levitra is not habit-forming.
  • Levitra can be taken while consuming alcohol, unlike most other drugs.

Levitra has a high satisfaction rate amongst consumers with 8 out of 10 men stating they were completely satisfied with the result.


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