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Levitra Uses & Dosage

Generic Name: Vardenafil
Brands Names: Levitra, Staxyn

Price Range: $1.05 – $3.8
Dosage: 25mg / 10mg / 20mg / 40mg / 60mg

What is Levitra

Levitra is a popular pharmacotherapy that is well-recognized for treating erectile dysfunction.  This medication has successfully remained as one of the top drugs used to treat male impotence. Levitra is suggested to demonstrate a level of effectiveness several times higher than that of competitors. Perhaps more importantly, Levitra is a safe medicine. The safety of this drug has been thoroughly tested and confirmed by doctors and scientists via numerous clinical trials.

Levitra demonstrates excellent effectiveness for treating erectile dysfunction. This drug is useful for stimulating an erection at times when there was no previous capability. Thanks to rigorous testing, there is ample evidence that demonstrates Levitra is safe for men of any age.

Levitra has not been around for a long time, but it already has fans and positive feedback from satisfied customers.

Levitra is sold in blister packs of 20 mg strength tablets. Contained on the back of each blister pack is an information section listing drug composition and drug shelf life.

Levitra is considered an analog of Viagra and Cialis as it belongs to the group of medications classified as phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PPD5). Compared with other drugs that are used to increase male potency, Levitra is recognized as a gentler medicine.

Advantages of Levitra

  • Quality improvement in erections
  • High effectiveness for treating erectile dysfunction
  • Ability to consume alcohol while taking Levitra
  • Minimal contraindications

About Vardenafil

The active ingredient contained in Levitra is Vardenafil. A well-recognized feature of this substance is that it is rapidly absorbed into blood. This is why the effect of Levitra begins within a half an hour after taking a tablet.

The active ingredient in Levitra works to relax smooth muscle, thereby increasing blood flow to the penis while leading to an erection. The effect of Levitra can be felt with the very first time taking this drug. Additionally, if the dosage needs to be decreased, this typically does not affect the effectiveness of this drug in any way.

Vardenafil is well-tolerated by the body. Therefore, there are minimal adverse reactions associated with Levitra. Another significant advantage of Levitra is the duration of effect, which lasts about 12 hours.

How to take Levitra

The drug should be taken 30-50 minutes prior to having sex. The recommended dosage of Levitra per day is 10-20 mg. Dosages can be reduced depending on the physiological characteristics of each man. A tablet of Levitra should be taken with water.

After sexual intercourse and/or stimulation, the effects of Levitra cease to influence blood flow to the penis and the erection disappears. However, approximately after a half an hour, if sexual stimuli are present, Levitra can help with facilitating blood flow to the penis in order to achieve an erection.

Levitra has proven itself useful in the treatment of sexual impotence in people suffering from diabetes mellitus. This drug is also successful in treating sexual problems in men who previously underwent an operation to remove the prostate gland.

Prior to taking Levitra, it is important to know that there may be potential side effects when taking this drug. However, it is estimated that side effects only occur in 1% of men. If side effects appear, these may include dizziness, redness of the face, diarrhea, and/or headaches.

How fast and long does Levitra work?

Those who have already purchased Levitra, it is important to note that this drug begins to act within 20 minutes after consumption. This drug is recommended for use even in cases where there is severe erectile dysfunction. The duration of the Levitra effect is 5-7 hours.

When taking Levitra, consumption of alcohol is permitted. Most modern drugs do not allow such a combination. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that a significant amount of alcohol consumption will not contribute to the success of sexual intercourse.

Consumption of Levitra is strictly forbidden in the event of known allergies to any of the components contained within this drug.

Levitra should always be taken under the supervision of a doctor and used with great care, particularly in men with the disease of the kidneys, liver and cardiovascular system, and/or suffering from priapism. Do not consume Levitra while taking other nitrate-containing medicines.

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